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Radical Honesty Weekend Workshop (English)

Datum:07.04.2023 / 18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr

Workshop led by Certified Trainer Christoph Fink and Trainer Candidate Chelsea Workman.

Do you want to…

  • ...experience more aliveness and freedom in your life?
  • ...let go of shame, fear and attachment to approval?
  • ...overcome your fear of rejection?
  • ...use conflict creatively and go beyond blame?
  • ...learn the art of asking for what you want?
  • ...heal your relationships and find forgiveness?
  • ...experience deeper love, connection & intimacy?

If so, this Radical Honesty Weekend Workshop is for you!

Radical Honesty is about Living Out Loud, in the Here and Now. It is a communication practice and lifestyle, which leads you to connect more deeply with others by expressing fear, anger, appreciation and whatever else is arising in the moment.

Contents of the workshop

This workshop includes conceptual models, directed conversations, paired exercises, small group exercises, hot seat work, meditation and much more to help you learn how to relax into intimacy based on being open and honest.

What you will learn in the workshop:

  • What’s at the root of your fear and dysfunctional beliefs and why you have ignored it until now
  • how to quickly create trust and a deep connection by using your senses and describing your reality
  • why your lying, concealing and dissimulating makes you ill, stands in the way of your desires and how you can stop it
  • how to find the necessary courage in your body
  • how to use the skills you've learned to make more money, say "no" more effectively, and have better sex

Still not sure?

Radical Honesty is for you if…

  • …You still think other people cannot handle your truth and you believe it is your job to protect them
  • …You want to please everyone and contact with other people often exhausts you
  • …You’re tense at family gatherings for fear of conflict
  • …You’re often frustrated with your children, partner, co-workers and the rest of the "incompetent" people around you
  • …You stress yourself out on dates and flirting and make an effort to do “the right thing”
  • …Your sex life is boring and you’re holding back impulses, desires and fantasies
  • …You’re afraid to be honest with your partner for fear of disappointing them
  • …Your repressed anger has already turned into resignation, tiredness, compulsions and fantasies about quitting and breaking up

This workshop is open to anyone curious about Radical Honesty. It is for people who want to experience a hands-on way of having real relationships.


Fri 18:00-21:00
Sat 10:00-18:00
Sun 10:00-17:30


Tara Yoga
Hauptplatz 15/16
4020 Linz

Led by:

Christoph Fink (Radical Honesty Trainer) & Chelsea Workman (Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate)


The main language of the workshop is English; there will be the opportunity to practice, do exercises and get support in German too.


The regular ticket price is €390.
Special price with good reason on request:
0176 420 907 52


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In the Words of Our Participants

Patrick Räuber, yoga teacher from Munich

“I avoided my brother for 21 years. I had horrible fantasies about meeting him and avoided certain places to avoid meeting him. After one of Christoph's Radical Honesty groups, I just called him. We're talking to each other again now and we went to my parents' wedding together.

In the past I often couldn't stand talking on the phone for five minutes with my father and now we're going on vacation together and I was home for four days at Christmas.

Otherwise, I used to expect others to anticipate my wishes and was often secretly angry and disappointed. Since Radical Honesty, I've had the confidence to just ask what I want.

Thank you Chris!”

Karen Koppitz

"I've changed my language and I'm benefiting so much from it! I am more aware of what I want and listen to my needs. I feel more. Hugs are different.”

Nicole Winter, psychotherapist from Schwabach

“The knot burst for me. I can express my needs better and am no longer afraid of hurting others. Even if my body gets nervous - I know I can do it!"

Lars Jacobs Berlin (and I would be honored if you quote me)

“I always thought of others first, then myself. Pressured to please everyone. A typical "yes man".

Now I feel into myself when I speak. I found my lightness again. And my "no-saying" does me good.

The course was one of the most intense and insightful experiences I have ever had. It showed me that any anger, any fear, any uncomfortable feeling can go away if I let myself feel it."

Raffael Krikkel, musician from Munich

“I learned a lot about body image. Now I want to confront a lot more. Direct experience instead of my fantasies.”

About Christoph Fink

“Ever since I was young, I have tried to earn affection through success. Whether with women, in martial arts, meditating or later as a father, it was always about doing everything right. Don't disappoint! It was only through Radical Honesty that I was able to overcome insecurity and guilt and finally experience all the adventures and relationships that discipline, effort, strategy, and roleplaying had vainly hoped for. I want to show how easy deep relationships can be when you stop bending and pretending"

Christoph Fink is co-founder of the Radical Honesty Institute. As gestalt- and traumatherapist he works with couples and families, mainly in Munich, Germany where he lives. Read more about Christoph.

About Chelsea Workman

"For most of my life, if you would have asked me how I was doing, I would have said ‘good’ or ‘fine’ – and then burst into tears as soon as I was alone again. That was my coping mechanism - playing the ‘good girl’ who doesn’t have any needs of her own; who’s happy with what she gets. I swallowed my sadness and anger, suffered in silence, and experienced disappointing relationships - thinking that was all there was. Luckily, I discovered Radical Honesty in 2018. I started giving myself permission to be exactly as I am, at any given moment. And sharing myself with others. Not only did my self-love and acceptance skyrocket; I began connecting with others in the most magical, genuine and meaningful way. Radical Honesty turned my world upside down - in the best possible way - and I could never go back.”

Chelsea Workman is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate. She’s passionate about helping herself and others create healthy, healing relationships through honesty. She leads regular Radical Honesty meetups in Linz, Austria (in English & German), where she currently lives. Besides that Chelsea loves writing and exploring what it means to be human in her newsletter: Being Honest by Chelsea Leah Workman. Read more about Chelsea.


There will be intense sensations and uncomfortable realizations in this course.

If you want to avoid them, this event is not for you.

This is neither therapy nor curative treatment. If you have concerns about existing illnesses, please talk to your doctor or therapist first.


Hauptplatz 1
4020 Linz

Preise & Tickets

Note: this is an intensive, 3-day Weekend Workshop that runs from April 7-9.

The schedule is as follows:
Fri 18:00-21:00
Sat 10:00-18:00
Sun 10:00-17:30

The regular ticket price is €390.

Special price with good reason on request:

0176 420 907 52

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