Mary Ann Kiefer, Egozero

Mary-Ann Kiefer verirren sich seit 2011 in den schmalen Grenzbereichen von Mathrock, Noise und Electro-Punk. Seit 2016 arbeitet das Duo mit dem Kollektiv Okabre im Bereich der Live-Filmmusik und experimentellen Musik.

Inspired by artists like Squarepusher, Lightning Bolt or 65daysofstatic, the trio plays between band format and DJ set through structured chaos of hypnotic electronica and whips brute programmed sound waves tsunami-like through the room. As egozero they move in and out of trip- Hop, industrial und psychedelic techno. Supported by the cargoblast mastermind HoC they are provided with samples and beats supplementing their own creations. Layered Sounds and 2 voices conjour a thrilling dramaturgy from start to finish throughout their whole set. An Ecstatic rhythmic composition carries the egozero love for pop and psychedelic tunes thereby moving the crowd and themselves closer and closer to the present moment.
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